Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trials Network

Enhancing patient care and improving healthcare outcomes

What is the ANMCTN?

The Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trials Network (ANMCTN) was established in 2020 to bring together academic institutions to effectively facilitate and support nurse or midwife-led clinical research and the translation of evidence into practice.

We provide the platform to accelerate growth in nurse and midwife led trials across Australasia.

Helping build collaboration among nursing and midwifery clinical researchers, providing opportunities for sharing resources, training and expertise, and strengthening applications for nationally-competitive research funding.

The global pandemic has clearly illustrated that nurses and midwives are critical to global health security and the resilience of our communities.

Nursing and midwifery led research is underrepresented, underfunded and urgently needed to equip our future workforce to deliver scientifically-based, cost effective and high quality care.

Dr Rosemary Bryant AO

What does the ANMCTN offer?

We facilitate high-quality research to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system.

With support and guidance from our Executive and Strategic Advisory committees, we want to create better care outcomes by supporting Nurses and Midwives as future research leaders.

We are building opportunities for sharing resources by translating evidence into practice.

The importance of Nurse and Midwifery led research

Developing nursing and midwifery-led research is an investment in better care outcomes.

Australia’s nurses and midwives are well positioned to lead high quality research that improves  healthcare by addressing health service inefficiencies, yet they are underrepresented among nationally funded health researchers.

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