About Us

Who are the Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trials Network (ANMCTN) and what do we do?

Our Aim

The aim of the ANMCTN is to establish and sustain a coordinated nursing and midwifery Clinical Trial Network (CTN) focused on facilitating high-quality, high-impact clinical research to improve patient outcomes, advance clinical care through the evidence base, and improve the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the ANMCTN are to:

  • Facilitate high-quality research of high impact to improve the nursing and midwifery clinical environment, as well as consumer care, experience, and outcomes.
  • Provide education and leadership opportunities for nurses and midwives who have or are pursuing an active research career.
  • Establish a robust ANMCTN governance structure, business model and services that supports nurse and midwife-led clinical research projects.
  • Build collaboration with multiple stakeholders to be partners of the network, including those from various geographic regions, health sectors, industries and end-users.

Facilitate High-Quality Research

Provide Education and Leadership

Develop the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce

Build Collaboration with Our Partners

The importance of the ANMCTN

We will pave the way for scientific discovery and translation of evidence into practice to better equip nurses and midwives and the broader healthcare system to provide optimal care for the community.

We believe that investing in Nursing and Midwifery Led Research is an Investment in Better Care Outcomes. Giving nurses and midwives the support they need as future research leaders, is a strategic economic investment.

By joining our membership, we can continue to develop and share important resources among our community.