Normal Saline Administration with Endotracheal Suction to Reduce Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Risk in children: A Multicentre Randomised Controlled Effectiveness-Implementation Trial (NATIVE)

Chief Investigator

Dr Jessica Schultz RN GCert (Specialist Paed) MApp Sci (Research) PhD

Academic Institution

The University of Queensland

Date of Endorsement



The overarching aim of this project is to test saline administration with endotracheal suction as a nurse-led VAP prevention strategy in the paediatric intensive care unit.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Determine whether saline administration, compared to no saline with endotracheal suction, leads to a decreased risk of VAP in mechanically ventilated children.
  2. Investigate the cost-effectiveness of saline administration compared to no saline;
  3. Better understand the context for future system-wide implementation
  4. Build nursing clinician researcher capacity in paediatric critical care