Transforming General Practice to Reduce Hypertension

Chief Investigator

Professor Elizabeth Halcomb

Academic Institution

University of Wollongong

Date of Endorsement



Hypertension causes more deaths and disease than any other biomedical risk factor. Despite evidence about optimal treatment and guidelines for efficacious interventions, rates of blood pressure control in Australia have remained static for a decade. An alarming 54% of Australians with hypertension live with uncontrolled blood pressure and high risk of premature death and chronic disability due to stroke, major cardiovascular events, and renal disease. This has significant implications for loss of productive life years, quality of life and health costs. The urgency to address this problem was highlighted by the 2022 launch of the Australian National Hypertension Taskforce. This program of research seeks to reduce the number of Australians living with uncontrolled hypertension by addressing key barriers and embedding evidence-based strategies.

This will be achieved by:

  1.  facilitating a team-based approach
  2. leveraging technology to enhance patient engagement
  3. self-management.